Analysis & Reporting

The ability to enable large numbers of people to easily access real-time health-care information, and transform it into richly formatted reports is critical to the success of any health organization and system. By extending reporting capabilities to anyone - from executives, analysts, and frontline workers, to patients (customers) and other external partners - you can respond more rapidly to changing marketplace and conditions, optimize core processes, and maximize productivity and cost-efficiency.

Aptuso A&R empowers health organizations to meet environment requirements, organization values and business goals by providing everyone across the organization with fast and simple access to timely, accurate health data. Our reporting solutions maximize report usability by delivering some of today's most advanced Web-based features, such as integrated proactive hyperlink drill-downs - in all supported formats - to any other report, program, or location, as well as multiple locations, without any additional client or viewer.

Key A&R tools:

End user reporting – with our revolutionary guided ad hoc technology, health organizations can give users (patients, state administration and deal partners) the ability to rapidly create their own fully-customized reports by simply choosing columns, sort criteria, measures, and output formats from drop-down menus.

Report Distribution – by combining a robust report delivery engine with leading-edge event monitoring, we provide a single point of control for real-time alerts, as well as the automation, scheduling, distribution, and storage of reports.

Financial reporting – With us, professionals at all levels can access and analyze real-time information from any source, and rapidly share it with investors, creditors, regulatory agencies, and other key stakeholders.

Print-ready reporting – The value of graphics, charts, and other visual data representations is dramatically enhanced through the creation of boardroom-quality reports and documents in scalable vector graphic (SVG) format.

Output formatting – we satisfie the broadest range of user needs with highly flexible report output options, including HTML, Microsoft Excel™, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)™, Microsoft PowerPoint™

Excel and Microsoft Office – we provide one of the most flexible choices when it comes to business analysis tools, through its seamless integration with Excel and other Microsoft Office products.