Emergency Detection

The world is currently facing a situation without precedent. Soon we will have more people over 65 than children under 5 years of age. Here comes the invariable problem, and the solution - chronic diseases that most often cardiovascular need fast care for the elderly in emergencies.
We all want our parents and relatives can feel assured that someone is always with them, even in the absence in their relatives. What if an elderly mother or father drop it or get a heart attack, stroke or any other medical emergency? What if they are alone at home? What if they can not get to the phone for help?

Furthermore, nearly 90 percent of adults say they prefer they live in their own homes and remain there until the end of his days. This is called "aging in place" or in other words: without the intervention of social
care. Of course, family members and older people want to comply these desires, but this lie and real risks.
With the proper use of technology and monitoring, home health-care already equivalent to the level of hospital care and intervention. Besides all otherwise, the home health monitoring provides significantly greater
peace for all, with reduced cost and with increased patient player's satisfaction.

Aptuso Emergency Medical Alert is just that - to save our relatives (family and friends) at the moment they most need us. What if an elderly mother or father falls, or dad has heart attack, stroke or any medical emergency? What if they are home alone? What if they can't reach a telephone to dial for help? With building a 24/7/365 Call Center our assistants will do everything to that death in these cases is reduced by up to 80% in countries where this type systems work. The system includes a water-resistant base station, waterproof pendant and waterproof bracelet. There are planned two ways to activate - manually via a button or in case of a fall (fall detection), who carry automatic call to a certain number in case of emergency. The base station, which is connected to the telephone network or GSM network includes extremely sensitive microphone and speaker. In case of emergency, for example, after a fall or sudden illness, the user can call for help by simply pressing button on his wrist, even without the need to use the base station.

Our Values


Our specially trained care reps will get you the personalized help you need, and will stay on the line with you until help arrives. We will send you the right emergency to help you even if you are not in conscious, even you have not pushed the SOS button.


Peace of Mind. The peace of mind provided by our medical alert system will allow your loved one to continue in their normal daily activities with a greatly reduced fear of injury.


Easy-to-use. Both you and your loved one know that help is just the push of a button away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your loved one can then talk hands-free to the monitoring station. They will not need to move or raise their voice in order to use the communicator from almost anywhere within their home.


Families are often unable to provide care, and 40% of all nursing home admissions occur as a result of falls by older people. Our solution will help older people with the right care cheaper and more effective.


Our Systems allows the elderly user to report an emergency case with just a press of a button and this could save his/her life. This will also connect you to familiar people in your life, during an emergency.


Almost 62% of injury-related hospitalizations for seniors are the result of falls. We can reduce this percentage with accurate instructions using the System.

Core Emergency directions:

  1. 24/7/365 Response Center
  2. Fall Detection
  3. Long-life battery
  4. Long distance coverage
  5. Simultanious call/SMS/email sending
  6. Lifesaving wearable device