Home Care

While trying to improve the performance and reduce costs of their products, health care providers have been struggling with various health problems. The basic interactions with their patients are often sporadic. This attitude has a huge impact on the patient's health. Medics can be much more effective with their patients - if the communication process becomes automated and has feedback.

By building of WEB-based software system for continuous health monitoring and home care visits all patients at home will be able to sign in real time personal medical record (EMR) of each patient. After passing the examination, the information will be put into EMR as all data derived from a healthcare devices that are used during the review will be entered automatically in EMR.
After examining pass or while collecting health information from patients / customers, the smart devices, which are used by the patient, will export (transfer) data automatically to his file. Each patient will be able to choose appropriate medical device according to his needs and illnesses. This will carried out 24/7 monitoring of the patient's condition. In the event of changes exceeding or lower than normal for each patient (to be set individually), the system will be able to alert through e-mail to the specified recipient who will be informed about the current health of the patient.

The Web application will be accessed by the patient through Universal Identification Code and / or PIN and / or password. When you try to register with the specified ID number will be carried out checking in data whether there is already in the system such patient. By WEB access to the application each patient will be able to electronically review all their examinations, activities, researches, etc.

Access to data from the electronic patient record will be besides themselves patients and authorized doctors from patients / users of the system using a Web application. Thus any authorized person who has access to a patient record, there is capability to receive timely information about the history of the disease, examinations, medical directions, and other therapies.

Some key integrations with medical devices

Blood Pressure

No more cables. Blood pressure can now be tracked everywhere at anytime. Systolic, diastolic and pulse are applied directly in the EHR, by pressing only one button.

Scale for bodyweight

Connect your scale to the network and the data flow. Weight, body fat, muscle mass, water in the body can now be shared with your GP no matter where you are.

Blood glucose

The combination of this device + WEB based EHR, data no longer needs to be manually brought. The bands should always be used before the expiration date. We can now monitor the eating habits of the patient.

Healthcare for babies

The babies are our biggest joy and in order to protect them they should be under parental supervision at all times. Some babies though need more professional supervision while they are sleeping- monitoring of the breathing, rotations and when needed, the hearth rhythm.

ECG measurements

Choose any connective device or simply use the ECG Holter that has been developed by us. It is a 12 point ECG for instant transmission and data recording via WiFi /GSM / Bluetooth network. Cardiac Symptoms and diagnosis can be put in real time without the physical presence of a cardiologist.


Track and see contractions from home. Simple. Safe. Accurate. If you are in high-risk pregnancy, 1st time mom, 2nd time mom, 3rd time, if you have twins or just to feel safe. With the solution for pregnancy you can see real-time uterine activity, automated contraction count and timing, view trends throughout the day, week or longer

How does Home Care actually work

There are several reasons why our software solution is the first and most unique one in the field of healthcare. We created a fully integrated and scalable software product that will increase the quality of the care that the is getting, whether at home or not.

24/7/365 complete health monitoring used to deepen the analysis of the health of each user.
Easy to use, intuitive Electronic Health Record for everyone
Most recent and complete data of the user's organism -arterial pressure, pulse, weight, ECG, blood sugar, breathing parameters and others
Secure sharing and notifying of healthcare professionals, medical institutions, relatives, when a sudden change in the values occurs.
Compatibility with any type of medical or wellness device
Gathering and sending data in real time via WiFi, 3G/LTD, Bluetooth
The user will be fully informed of their health regardless of the terminal device they are using
Medical Emergency System, including a two-way communication center, a bracelet and a medallion device
It's fully WEB based
Safe and encrypted to protect your sensible data
Entirely Responsive Design that works on any device without the need of download anything
24/7/365 Call Center

The conclusion

  1. Aptuso Home Care gives an unique preventive health care
  2. Aptuso Home Care keeps population's health stable
  3. Aptuso Home Care provides independence and dignity of our relatives
  4. Aptuso Home Care improving the quality of life
  5. Aptuso Home Care saves money