mHealth & Wellness

In a time of innovation and development of more and more innovative Internet of Things medical and fitness devices, Big Data stays locally on mobile devices to consumers. Up to now, this information is not used according to its purpose and life developments.

With the construction of a unified protocol and SW, which will have the opportunity information generated by smart clothes, medical devices and / or all whatever wearable devices, be imported into the EHR/EMR. Once imported, the information begins to "live" in the record, which is compiled by remaining patient information that was generates by him.

Up to now, absolutely all medical and fitness devices, which are able to communicate with mobile devices can not send the same information along to third software or, more accurately manufacturers have closed their flow of information solely to mobile application that is made for the purposes of medical or fitness equipment.
This information is currently being archived and forgotten in mobile devices and therefore it becomes useless. This information in many cases is extremely valuable for vital status of the user/patient and would provide metrics that can help improve the parameters to which strive for improvement.
Of course, ask yourself the question, what happens with the information if a mobile device is stolen or lost - nothing, it disappears. After bringing together historical + current system will be able to export preset, to the needs, reports.
These reports can be changed depending on the mood or requirements of the user/patient, to generate the 1, 2, 5, 10+ references. With the accumulation of data for patients Self-study algorithms (SSA) that are embedded in the system will make it possible to generate not only reports and analyzes for recent period, but will also be able to generate reports on the future - prevention.

Thus, reconciling all data of the patient, including newcomers such will allow the patient to receive notifications of preventive measures on how to improve, what would happen if - what if analysis etc ...

The automatic pooling of information in EHR/EMR and all the devices, patients / users will have full information about their condition, and will be informed of what everyday actions to take - whether they will be physically and / or medicated. This will significantly improve their daily lifestyle, will reduce the risk of unforeseen conditions, will be able at any time to consult with its area physicians stepping on information from the past few minutes, and / or a period of time for certain cases.

Data from factors, including those from EHR/EMR

Data from factors, including those from EHR/EMR, together or separately, will be able to be exported in XML, JSON or readable for everyone - PDF (or other optional). Thus easily and quickly can be sent or share to third parties to which consumers would like to send or share. Once sent the information, the person who received this information and returned response, this response will be able to directly import in EHR/EMD if there is such a need.

Basic directions

Fitness monitoring

You can monitor the data from the devices you use everywhere on any phone, tablet or computer and it will collaborate with the data from your personal EMR in an amazing user-friendly way.

Fitness devices integration

We can integrate to your health profile any device that can transmit data wirelessly. It will be stored in a secure place where only you will have access to it.


If something goes wrong with your health based on the sets of norms you have set up, the solution will indicate and record the reason of it. The solution has an option for preventive reports after generating information from the mHealth devices you use.

Rehabilitation monitoring

With the rehabilitation monitoring option, you and your nutritionist and or doctor can build an individual program and track your improvements from anywhere. Combining the date from the devices you use, the prevention option, rehabilitation program and the health data in your EMR, the solution can simulate what-if analysis based on the best practices regarding to your case.